Winch-Assist Harvester: Best Practice Manual

Machines and equipment are constantly evolving thanks to technological advancements. As these changes happen, our best practices must change accordingly to ensure optimal safe production and efficiency.

Winch-Assist Forwarder: Best Pratice Manual

Machines and equipment are constantly evolving and technology is improving. Using best practices to perform duties at work is the future in all businesses around the world, and logging is no different. As technologies change, our best practices must evolve to facilitate the changes and improvements that are being made.

A guide to wire rope handling and inspection for machine operators

This guide provides machine operators who work in winchassisted harvesting operations with best practices guidelines for handling wire rope. It offers guidance on damage prevention, inspections, end connectors, storage, and rope management during harvesting operations. Following these best practices is essential in order to maximize the service life of the rope and to prevent accidents.

Best Management Practices for Winch-Assist Equipment – Version 1.0

Cable-assist, winch-assist , traction-assist , tethering, hang-forwarder or hang-harvester are all terms that have been used to describe the practice of attaching a cable or cables to a forest machine to increase its operability on slopes.