Dzhamal Amishev

Researcher / Fibre Supply

Dzhamal (Jamal) holds three university degrees in forestry with both biological and engineering background - forest management (University of Forestry, Bulgaria, BSc 2003); silviculture (Virginia Tech, MSc 2005); forest engineering (Oregon State University, PhD 2008). Since then, as harvesting researcher at Scion (New Zealand), he focused on steep slope harvesting productivity monitoring, analysis, and improvement; harvesting systems efficiency and innovation; logging industry technology transfer. In 2014, as transport planner/despatcher at FDL (New Zealand) he gained experience into the forest products supply chain and transportation management. He has published several scientific manuscripts, internal reports, and technical notes. He joined FPInnovations in 2015.

Brian Boswell

Senior Researcher / Fibre Supply

Brian Boswell is a Senior Researcher in FPInnovations’ Harvesting Operations Program. He has studied a broad range of forest harvesting topics since 1993 and specializes in steep slope harvesting issues. Prior to his research career he worked as a forest engineer for 13 years on the BC Coast and in the BC
Interior. Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University and is a Registered Professional Forester in British Columbia.

Ken Byrne

Senior Researcher / Fibre Supply

Ken has been a Senior Research Scientist at FPInnovations since 2012. He has more than 12 years of modelling and research experience in harvesting cost analyses, natural disturbance processes and the integration of factors affecting the forest product value and supply chains. Originally from North Vancouver, Ken received a Forestry Diploma from BCIT in 1998 and proceeded through a forestry education which ended with a PhD from UBC in 2011. His recent work includes the assessment of new techniques and equipment designed to address challenges to harvesting operations such as the mid-term timber supply, ground disturbance and log quality.

Peter Dyson

Researcher / Fibre Supply

After graduating from B.C.I.T. in 1990, Peter worked as a timber cruiser in coastal B.C. for five years. Peter joined FERIC/FPInnovations Harvest Operations Group in 1995 as a Research Technician. He has worked on a variety projects including, fibre recovery strategies, harvesting equipment productivity and alternative scaling methods. More recently he has conducted research on using scanners for log scaling and bringing yoader technology to B.C. Peter obtained registration as a professional forester in B.C. in 2001.

Jean-Francois Gingras

Research Manager / Fibre Supply and Precision Forestry

J.-F. Gingras is a forest engineer, 1982 graduate of Laval University, Quebec. He started his career with Energy, Mines and Resources Canada providing technical support to forest industry programs. He joined the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) as a harvesting operations researcher in 1986, and eventually took over the leadership of the timber harvesting research program in 1989. His work focused on improving the operational efficiency of mechanized harvesting systems. In 2008, he became Research Manager with the Forest Operations division of FPInnovations, where he currently manages the Harvesting Operations and Precision Forestry programs. He participates to numerous national and international committees, and is the author of numerous publications and reports covering all supply links of the forest sector value chain.

Jim Hunt

Research Leader / Fibre Supply

Jim is a Registered Professional Forester with 28 years of experience in the forest sector. Jim started as the Research Leader of the Forest Operations Group of FPInnovations in late 2013. The Harvesting Operations Group is a national team focused on research to help the forest industry reduce costs, access more fibre, add more value and operate safely and sustainably. Jim also worked as a researcher with FERIC from 1991-95. Prior to rejoining FPI Jim ran a consulting and contracting business on the BC Coast for 17 years. He has traveled extensively, has a Masters degree from Sweden, has worked in Finland and Chile and he speaks Spanish and Swedish.

Rob Jokai

Principle Technologist / Transport and Energy

Rob has 23 years of extensive experience as a senior mechanical engineering technologist. At FPInnovations, he is mainly responsible for conducting tests on vehicles (trucks and other equipment) in terms of engine performance, fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction. Rob was mandated to evaluate the impact that biodiesel and diesel blend levels have on fuel consumption and emissions, and he presented the positive results at an SAE conference. In addition, he completed various studies in evaluating/designing innovative technologies such as hardware, data loggers, transducers, tridem, energy efficient tires, trailer skirts, etc. Rob is currently pursuing his education through a Bachelor of Technology Management degree program.

Colin Koszman

Industry Advisor

After graduating from B.C.I.T. in 1995, Colin worked as a timber cruiser, field engineer and forestry planner throughout the coast and interior. He completed further education at UNBC and is a Registered Professional Forester and a Certified Arborist/Utility Specialist. Colin has been an Industry Advisor/Extension Specialist with FPInnovations since 2014. Since joining the organization he’s travelled to Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France to view European winch assist systems and advanced skyline systems. Specifically for our members, he’s organizing field tours to view the first EMS Tractionline, Remote Operated Bulldozer, ClimbMax, Ponsse and other steep slope systems when they arrived in the Pacific Northwest and on Vancouver Island. He has also lead research on “Yoaders” with their recent arrival on Vancouver Island.

Dawson Markle


Dawson has recently graduated from UBC Okanagan in 2016 with his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. While attending university, he has worked as a co-op student in forestry, municipal road construction, and materials testing. For the past four years, Dawson has also been heavily involved with Engineers Without Borders Canada including an overseas placement in Zambia where he conducted research for an agriculture development program.

Seamus Parker

Principle Researcher / Transport and Energy

Séamus is a Principal Researcher in Transport and Energy, and has been employed by FPInnovations (and its predecessor FERIC) since 1988. Séamus has over 20 years of experience in the field of heavy vehicle analysis and testing. Much of this work involves the analysis of proposed heavy vehicle configurations (primarily for log-hauling) and liaising with transportation regulators throughout Canada to obtain approval. The successful implementation of tridem drive tractors in BC and Alberta was largely a result of FPInnovations’ research in this area. He also has investigated the safety aspects of descending steep grades with log trucks, the stability of harvesting machines on steep slopes, as well as the development of a standing stem helicopter harvesting procedure.

James Sinnett

Associate Research Leader / Transport and Energy

James Sinnett has ten years of experience working in design, project management, process engineering & management in an industrial manufacturing environment—mainly transportation (road & rail) related. James has a further seven years’ experience conducting research in the transportation field at FPInnovations, focusing primarily on vehicle configuration, design & performance.

Vlad Strimbu

Researcher / Fibre Supply

Vlad worked as a researcher in the Harvesting Operations group since 2007. He has specialized expertise in areas such ground based forwarding systems on steep slopes, log quality and fibre recovery, marginal stand harvesting and environmental foot print. He graduated from Transilvania University, Brasov (1986) getting his Diploma as a Forestry Engineer and he is a member of the Romanian Professional Foresters’ Body since 1992. He is a scientific reviewer for iForest and Environmental Impact Assessment Review journals. Among his relevant “steep-slope” achievements would be: comparing as-experienced machine inclination with Lidar-predicted slope, reducing red-cedar stem breakage, levelling-cab equipment assessment.